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Equal Opportunities at KI is a Course

Equal Opportunities at KI



Full course description

Equal Opportunities work at KI includes the promotion of equal rights and obligations, as well as elimination of all forms of discrimination, harassment, offensive behaviour and exclusion. This means in practice that everyone at KI should treat all others with respect, and promote a safe and inclusive work and study environment. 


Purpose of this course

On completion of this course, you should be familiar with: 

  • the laws, regulations and rules that apply to equal opportunities at all universities in Sweden 
  • the grounds of discrimination that the law regulates 
  • the difference between harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and offensive behavior/victimization
  • the Government’s mandate to promote gender mainstreaming 
  • how KI handles complaints of harassment and/or discrimination 
  • how KI applies the rules and incident management 
  • what support functions are available at KI 

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