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Global Online for teachers: GOteacher!



Full course description

GOteacher! is a step-by-step has been developed as a step-by-step guide to help you to design and deliver quality education, whether through blended, hybrid or fully online methods.

About GO!

This toolkit is a collaboration between educational developers, educational technologists, psychometrics analyst and coordinator for student engagement of the Unit for Teaching and Learning at KI , (Undersvisning och lärande, referred to as UoL from now on), students support services, KI diversity office, and the advice of online education experts from other universities in Sweden and abroad.

Whether you teach through Swedish or English (or any other language), you are a multilingual and multicultural group. You are used to teaching and working across different disciplines, education cycles, and even countries. However, we are all teachers and we can learn so much from each other’s experiences of this process. Go Online GO! is designed around this idea.

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