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Designing Assessments is a Course

Designing Assessments



Full course description

How is the toolkit organized?

This resource is divided into six modules.

  1. Getting started
    Here you will find documentation on legal considerations as well as recommended literature.
  2. Basic principles of assessment
    In this module we will look at why we need assessment and how we can make learning visible. We give you an overview of the most common forms of assessment and the taxonomies used in these.
  3. Planning for assessment
    In this module we look at what makes a good assessment, selecting assessments and creating assessment plans. 
  4. Assessment Criteria
    In this module we look at using assessment criteria for making learning visible and how rubrics can help teachers interpret and grade students' work against these criteria and standards.
  5. Planning for inclusive assessment
    In this module we discuss what is meant by inclusive education, what are the implications of diversity for teaching and learning and how diversit affects assessment and feedback. 
  6. Assessment at Karolinska Institutet (case studies)
    Finally, we take a look as some assessments and their implementation at KI. This is not a comprehensive list and we hope that you will let us know how you work with assessment at KI.

Each content module provides you with a practice assignment with either a reflection activity for your own benefit, a discussion contribution or sending us an example of your assessment rubric. Completion of these tasks as well as fulfilling the module requirements will allow you to access a certificate of completion.

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