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DATAETHICS 3 DATAETHICS 3: Big Data, Big Implications: Data Protection in Biomedicine is a Course

DATAETHICS 3: Big Data, Big Implications: Data Protection in Biomedicine



Full course description

 The increasing importance of the exploitation of Data in health leads to many trends to unleash the full potential of health data, such as the exploitation of medical records, the use of research data or the introduction of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). These new concepts challenge our existing ethical and regulatory framework, Patient’s data are used and reused for many different purposes and common concepts as informed consent, control and ethical oversight, require revision.

While the development of safe spaces to use data for health is of fundamental importance for the European Union, the new data science and AI technologies raise some issues regarding their ethical, societal and legal implications that need to be addressed. These include issues concerning fair access, control, privacy, transparency, security, accountability and justice.

This e-course offers a unique set of lectures and dilemma story exercise enabling you to familiarize yourself with the value chain of ethical, social and legal considerations in the field of these Biomedical Big Data (BBD) driven developments.

In this e-course, you will learn about the fundamentals of coupling and implementing data driven research, data management and ethical considerations. Through the exercises based on a real-life case study, you will gain the basis to analyse, categorise and address key ethical considerations of the use and reuse of data in biomedicine and understand how to frame appropriate approaches for your everyday research environment in biomedicine. Participation in this course will foster your transversal skills and equip you with cutting edge knowledge on big data relevant to your study, research or internships.

The lectures are delivered by leading and established cross-disciplinary experts in data curation and privacy, Data use, ethics, biomedicine, and related fields.

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