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DATAETHICS 1: Ethical Considerations in Interpretation and Handling of Biomedical Big Data



Full course description

From the completion of the Human Genome Project onwards and the advent of technological advances, the conceptual and moral philosophical considerations of the use of Biomedical Big Data  (BBD) have been outpaced. This introductory e-course is the first step of DATAETHICS towards updating these conceptual and ethical considerations.

 The matrix of interdisciplinary lectures framed around a dilemma story based on a real-life case study creates a flexible learning environment to allow the easy acquisition and successful application of newly gained knowledge in true-to-life scenarios. By taking this course, you will develop an understanding on how to assess the use of BBD in the context of the ethical implications that inevitably follow it, and how to leverage ethical consideration in decision making. Participation in this course will foster your transversal skills and equip you with cutting edge knowledge on BBD relevant to your study, research or internships.

The expertise of the speakers covers a broad spectrum of research and application interests from bioethics, health policy and social studies of medicine, to cutting-edge genomics and analysis of large heterogeneous high-throughput data sets.

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